Jo Scott-Jones

Clinical Director

Jo is a GP with a practice in Opotiki, a community he has served since 1992. Since starting work with Pinnacle MHN in September 2016, Jo's clinical work has been in practices throughout the network. As medical director Jo is the voice of general practice on the leadership team, and the face of Pinnacle general practice on numerous local, regional and national bodies. He has a role in practice liaison, quality, education and supports Ventures projects as well as being a great source of knowledge to the office team where he is constantly bombarded with "just a quick question".

Jo has had a long involvement in medical governance and has been the chair of the Rural General Practice Network, was the inaugural chair of the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand, and is currently an elected member on the board of the RNZCGP. He has been an examiner for the RNZCGP and a Cornerstone assessor.

Jo has suffered from multiple diplomatosis in the past. His last diploma was in clinical education, he has a masters degree in general practice and has vowed never to do another university paper ever again!

Dr Jo leads a dual life on twitter - @opotikigp and @pinmhnmd

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