Boards and leadership teams

A number of boards, groups and committees work together to make sure the network has the best clinical, quality, education, Māori and and rural general practice support.

Through representation on our boards and committees GPs, nurses, practice managers and other health professionals all advocate on the network's behalf to ensure clinicians and their patients have access to the best general practice support, services and systems possible.

Pinnacle Incorporated Executive Committee

Pinnacle Incorporated, Midlands Health Network and Pinnacle Ventures are governed by the Pinnacle Incorporated Executive Committee, which includes GP representatives appointed by Pinnacle Incorporated members at the annual general meeting each year, and four independent directors. The Executive Committee’s role is to effectively represent and promote the interests of the members, with the view to adding long-term value to Midlands Health Network. The Executive Committee is also responsible for the Primary Health Care Limited group of practices and operates the Patient Access Centre. 

Te Taumata Hauora Māori

Te Taumata Hauora works closely with the Pinnacle Incorporated board and leadership team to provide strategic and expert advice and guidance about Māori health issues and solutions to help address health disparities, and applying a Māori lens to healthcare. Te Taumata Hauora Māori committee, through regional Midland Māori membership, supports our ongoing connections with Midland iwi Māori, further develops and strengthens relationships with our Māori stakeholders and enables our board members and senior leadership to make better informed decisions concerning Māori health.

Gary Thompson is the Kaiwhakarite, joined by committee members and representatives from the Pinnacle board and leadership teams.

Midlands Regional Health Network Charitable Trust Board

The Midlands Regional Health Network Charitable Trust Board is the PHO function within the group. It is made up of eight members: two clinical representatives and an independent director from founding GP provider networks, two Māori partner representatives, two community representatives and an independent professional chair.