Hamilton Lake Clinic

We are a Hamilton-based General Practice located in the heart of the town. We provide a wide range of services to our clients which include general practice, mole screening, skin cancer diagnosis, skin cancer surgery, minor surgery, travel medicine consults, booked casual patient appointments, home visits to those who are unable to come in because of health reasons (palliative patients).
We are a new practice, and we believe in maintaining a long-term doctor-patient relationship and focus on providing continuity of care to our patients.

The clinic has been established with a view that healthcare should be accessible to all patients when they need it. We believe that to make this possible it is important to maintain a certain doctor-patient ratio and we intend not to exceed that. The clinic is all about practising fair and responsible medicine and supporting people to the best of our ability within the community by providing a wide range of services and procedures under one roof.

We now have three branches in Hamilton:

1. 31 Pembroke Street, Hamilton Lake

2. 226 Grey Street, Hamilton East 

3. Unit 6G, 152 Horsham Downs Road, Rototuna North


Dr Lakhminder Sandhu
Dr Dilawar Singh
Dr Patrick Yee
Dr Meenakshi Prasad
Dr Sharmilee Sivaneswaran
Dr Aung Kyaw

Enrolled patient fees

Under 14 yearsFree
14-17 years$27
18-24 years37
25-44 years37
45-64 years37
65+ years37

Additional fee information

Enrolled Patient Fees - Grey  Street

Under 14 years   Free
14 - 17 years  $13 
18 - 24 years  $19.50
25 - 44 years   $19.50
45 - 64 years  $19.50
65+ years  $19.50

See here for full list of fees.